Print even your iPhone documents and data even without AirPrint. All you need is a printing app and a wireless connection and you’re good to print.

Mobile printing is one of the most convenient ways of printing remotely. You don’t have to get near any computer or printer to be able to produce physical copies of texts and images. However, for iOS users, options seem to be a little limited as not all printers have AirPrint feature. So how do you print iPhone documents and data without AirPrint?

Some of the popular iOS printing apps

HP ePrint

This printing app is for HP printer owners. If you have a wireless HP printer, the easiest way to printing from mobile or cloud is through e-Print. It works for Android, iOS and Windows users. The best part is it’s free to download.

Epson iPrint

Another manufacturer’s printing app is for Epson wireless printer users. Like the previous printing apps, it is also capable of printing different formats and sources. It allows users to print their files not only from iOS devices but cloud storage sites as well. With Epson iPrint, not only can you print from your iPhone, but also scan documents and images to your phone.