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Fix HP Printer Paused error?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

HP printers when not used for a limited time or when stays useless for a certain time, it pauses the operation and goes offline. This problem is called HP Printer Paused error. HP Printer Paused option manually allows you to alter or change any job during operation.You can reset the pause printing option and continue printing after completing your printing job. If you face any difficulty, then you may contact HP Printer Service where experts will deal with your issue and try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Why does HP printer say that it is paused?

There are several reasons for which your printer may face paused problem. Some of the reasons for this huge issue are print spooler, paper jam, and printer software.

Basic Steps to fix the HP printer paused issue?

There are three methods to solve this issue. Given below are the salient steps to fix the paused issue of your HP Printer. Perform these steps carefully to avoid any sort of trouble in your printing work.

Reinstall or Uninstall the Driver

After performing the reset option on a product installed by the USB, a higher DOT4_00x port will get formed which may lead the printer to hang during printing.

Note: This is needed only for those products that are installed on a USB port.

1. Uninstall USB printer driver.

2. Take away the HP folder and AIO folder from the hard drive.

3. Then, Reinstall the USB printer driver.

4. The Reason behind this Error: This error can occur while using a network or printing from a laptop. When the printing job goes into the pending status, the printer is either in the state of “Pause Printing “or “Work Offline” mode.

Method 1

1. Clear Pause Printing.

2. If you are operating the windows desktop, then choose the “start” option and then opt “settings” and then “Printers.”

3. Right dab on the printer icon.

4. Choose the “Pause Printing” or “work offline” option, if enabled, remove the check from there.

5. Now again, print the document.

6. Arrange Parallel Connection.

7. Turn off the printer or detach it from the network.

8. Connect your Personal computer or laptop with the help of a parallel cable.

9. Switch ON the printer.

10. After completing the task, print the document again.

Method 1

1. Check whether the pause button is “On” or not in the settings.

2. Position the control panel on the front of your HP printer. That is the part of the printer’s case that has a set of buttons on it.

3. Press and release the “Pause” button.Now your printer won’t be pause anymore

After this, you have to follow these steps to confirm the computer’s software.

4. Open your computer’s taskbar and double click on the “HP printer” icon.

After this, a list of all the documents you are required to print will come across on your laptop or desktop screen.

5. Right click on the screen that has a status listing of “Paused”.

6. Click on “Resume” so that it will make your printer work over again.

This is the best way to FIX HP PRINTER PAUSED ERROR.


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