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Disable HP Cartridge Protection on My Printer.

What is HP Cartridge Protection?

Genuine ink cartridges may come equipped with cartridge protection embedded in their chip. Once you install an ink cartridge, your printer will mark it as protected so that the cartridge can only be used with that printer because it is locked to it. If you had to buy a new printer that uses the same cartridges, you would not be able to use those cartridges in your new printer, since they are locked to the first one. This means that the ink cartridges cannot be refilled, recycled, or remanufactured for use in any another printer, and that they will eventually end up in landfills; they cannot be recycled, and they are not environmentally friendly.

If you are installing original protected ink cartridges that have been remanufactured for further use, you could get the message “Protected HP Cartridges Installed” displayed on your printer. This means that these cartridges will not work with your printer. They will only work with that one printer they are locked too.

Disable HP Cartridge protection setting with a few simple steps?

If your HP printer does not have any Internet features:

Simply access the printer settings found on your printer’s menu and you will see an option to disable the HP cartridge protection. Select the disable option and click Apply and Save, if necessary.

If your printer has Internet features:

Open a Web browser and enter your printer’s IP address in the Web address field. You will find your printer‘s IP address in your printer settings by accessing the network setup options. This opens the printer’s embedded Web server. Click on the Settings option and select HP Cartridge Protection to the left.

Why would you want to prevent this?

The following reasons should convince you:

If you buy a new printer to replace your old one and you use cartridges that you had already installed in your old printer, they will not work, even if they carry the right reference number.

You will not be able to use cheaper ink cartridges like the remanufactured or a used ink.

Cartridges cannot be recycled so they will end up in landfills, which is not environmentally responsible.

It has been reported that some customers got the “protected” error message even though they were using a new original or starter cartridge.

After all this steps

Still if the printer is not working you call hp printer support.

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