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HP Printer Issues and How to Fix Them

Hewlett-Packard has established itself as one of the most remarkable and reliable printer brands. However, encountering an issue with the HP printer is not something out of the blue. This article throws light on some of the prevalent HP printer issues and efficacious troubleshooting procedures to overhaul them.

This blog shall enlist the top 10 <a href="">HP printer issues</a> which are a common issue among the users. Read further to know the issues and their easy solutions.

HP Printer Paper Jams

If you are an HP printer user, chances are you might have encountered this problem. This issue can emerge when the roller of the printers is damaged or the paper with the wrong specifications is fed into the printer. Also, it is important to note that some printers are more vulnerable to paper jams as compared to others. The easiest solution to this issue is to open the printer and remove any stuck bits of paper. And always remember to pull the paper in the direction of the paper path as pulling it in any other orientation would result in further complications.

Prints are faded

This condition could allude to 3 causes: toner is low, the settings are changed, or economode printing is turned on. If the latter two are the reasons, you could revoke the settings to get your desired print quality. If the toner is the reason for this, you can simply replace the cartridges with new ones to resolve this problem.


Ghosting is the condition where you receive proper prints and a faint copy of a similar print gets printed elsewhere. This could occur either due to a faulty power outlet or when the components of the printer need replacement. Confirm the power outlet and check the condition of the printer parts to resolve ghosting.

Ink smears or doesn’t stick to paper

If you run your hand across any fresh print and the ink smears, it could stem from some possible reasons. First, inspect the fuser assembly as any harm to it might cause this issue. Second, try to replace the toner cartridge to eliminate this issue. Lastly, there might be smeared ink on the nozzle causing this so clean them to fix this issue.

HP Printer 50.4 error message

The 50.4 error code on the HP printer attributes to a faulty power source. If you using a UPS, it is recommended to directly connect the printer to a wall outlet.

Inability to find the driver

Not every printer is compatible with all the OS. Chances are some drivers won’t be available for a particular OS. So check the manual of the printer to confirm whether the printer is compatible with the particular operating system.

The printer picks up many sheets instead of one-sheet

The pad which separates the sheets has worn out. Replace the older pad with a new one to fix this difficulty. If you face any complications, reach out to HP customer service.

The sheet being picked from the wrong paper tray

This issue can be resolved by changing the settings on the PC. Navigate to printer properties and select the designated paper tray. Also, ensure the paper specifications on the console match with the actual sheets fed in the tray.

HP Printer Error Code 79

This error code stems due to an issue with the network print server. The HP printer troubleshooting procedure for this error code encapsulates removing any print operations and removing all the add-ons and attaching them back again.

Inability to print on envelopes

Printing on envelopes can be a little dicey. Ensure that the envelopes fed are 20-lb. Verify whether the glue on the envelope is instilled with the ability to endure the heat of the printer. If the envelope coming out is crippled or would state that the paper is too stiff. Let the envelopes emerge from the rear side to fix this condition.

These are some of the prevalent HP printer issues and how to resolve them. If you need any further advice, do not hesitate to contact the <a href="">HP printer support number </a> (817) 442-6643.

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