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The canon printers contain an internal counter that keeps track of the number of pages that have been printed and how often a clean up has been done and so on. These counters are utilized to determine the amount of waste ink that may be gathered at the base of the printer. When the canon printer believes that the waste ink tank is complete, the printer not printing also gives you an error message canon printer error 6c10. Fix error 6c10 with no issue. The Canon printers incline to determine the degree of the waste container wrongly.

Therefore, you can usually print more, simply by resetting the counter. In this step-by-step article on the way to fix canon printer error 6c10, you'll learn only that. First of all, we'll attempt to clean the foam that collects the waste ink. This should hopefully clarify the mistake.

Step 1: Undo the lid of the printer and allow the cartridge carrier in the printer to center itself. When the cartridge carrier is focused, you'll see a row of white rollers behind the carrier on the right side.

Step 2: Clean the plastic sheeting. In the conclusion of the rollers, you'll find a small plastic piece that's crystal clear and can be sticking out.

Take a small part of soft fabric or a paper towel to wipe the ink from this plastic. After cleaning the plastic, make sure you clean the ink pad as well. Printer Fixes Banner.

Step 3: Clean the foam pad. From the bit of plastic towards the front, you'll find a tiny square thing that looks like a foam pad. This is where the printer collects the surplus ink. Utilize a clean piece of paper towel and then push into the foam pad. Keep cleaning this pad till the paper towel doesn't gather any more ink from the pad.

Step 4: Restart the printer. After cleaning everything, put everything back in its original place and plug in the printer. This should fix your issue. If not, we'll need to restart the ink absorber countertops. To reset the ink absorber counter, then do the following measures: -. Step 1: Switch the printer off. Step 2: Press and hold the Resume button. Step 3: Next, press and hold the Power button at the same time. This may make the green Light-emitting diode light up. Step 4: Holding the power button release the resume button. Step 5. Press the resume button twice and after that release both the buttons together. Step 6: Press the resume button 4 times and after that instantly press the Power button. The above sequence of moves must reset the ink absorber counter on the printer. Once you've performed this measure, unplug the unit and plug it. In case you've cleaned the foam collector as well as reset the ink absorber counter, your question on the way to fix canon printer error 6c10 has been successfully answered.

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